Operational Structure
MAB Rosenthal is responsible for the following activities within the MIRT portfolio:

1. Property Identification and Acquisition
2. Property Due Diligence
3. Asset Management

Property Expertise
MAB Rosenthal is mandated to source new properties for MIRT. Using its extensive networks and experience, the team:
- Identifies appropriate investment markets
- Identifies properties within those target areas which meet MIRT's investment criteria
- Undertakes appropriate investment analysis techniques
- Negotiates exclusive dealing positions on identified properties leading to due diligence.

Property Due Diligence
MAB Rosenthal arranges all necessary due diligence in relation to the acquisition of properties
for MIRT, including:
- Legal
- Appraisals
- Financial
- Structural and environmental (technical)
- Trade area analysis and demographics
- Cost segregation.

Asset Management
The team actively manages MIRT assets, including:
- Arranging periodic valuation of MIRT properties by an appraiser
- Formulating investment strategies for MIRT properties
- Recommending and implementing capital investment strategies to maintain and improve
  MIRT's properties
- Recommending the appropriate levels of insurances for MIRT properties
- Arranging for the general management of all MIRT properties through the appointment
  of appropriately experienced managing agents, involving:
- Rent collection and operating expense recoveries
- Lease administration (rent reviews and renewals)
- Disbursement of funds
- Repairs
- Maintenance
- Cleaning
- Payment of building expenses
- Provision of monthly reports and financial statements
- Re-leasing of available tenancies.

Debt Arrangement Services

MAB Rosenthal may be involved in financing property acquisitions and assist to:
- Arrange finance in new property investments
- Coordinate debt assumption where appropriate